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Expertise In All Aspects Of Real Estate Transactions

Real Estate has always been a fundamental aspect of our society. From family-owned lands to diversified investments by entities, we understand the common contractual gaps in real estate transactions and are equipped to plug those gaps. We offer multi- dimensional contractual services in real estate acquisition for the purposes of residential/commercial development, SEZs, townships, hospitality, affordable housing, healthcare, education, industrial parks and more.

  • Agreement for Sale
  • Construction Agreement
  • Co-ownership Agreement
  • Co-working space Agreement
  • Development-cum-General Power of Attorney
  • General Broker/Real Estate Agent Agreement
  • Gift Deed - Immovable Property
  • Joint Development Agreement
  • Lease Agreement
  • Partition Deed
  • Relinquishment/Release Deed
  • Rental Agreement
  • Sale Purchase Agreement
  • Will
  • Other real estate agreements