Our Founders - Kontract Genie

Apoorba Biswas, Co-Founder

Apoorba is a corporate lawyer and a contract enthusiast. She holds a DNA of an academician and a businessman, which pretty much explains her entrepreneurial instincts backed by innate pursuit of knowledge. She began her journey with law commentaries and bare acts in the year 2014. Being a first generation lawyer, she defied all odds and landed a pre-placement offer from one of the leading law firms of India, Lakshimkumaran and Sridharan Attorneys. In her tenure with Lakshmikumaran and Sridharan Attorneys, she advised MNCs and corporate conglomerates in the matters of general corporate laws and compliances. She then moved on to her next antithetical job in a boutique law firm focusing in venture capital transactions with general commercial and corporate advisory, where she was exposed to early stage fintechs, IT startups, data centric companies and more. She practically worked as an in-house counsel for her clients and gained lifetime worth of experience in handling variety of contracts. This exposed her to a world of contracts and seeded the idea of Kontract Genie. She has started this venture with a belief that legal contract services in itself is a distinct area of legal practice. When she is dealing in contracts, her scope is not just limited to solving corporate nuances but also covers legal questions around intellectual property law, alternative dispute mechanisms, technology law, data privacy, regulatory compliances and more. She has chosen contracts as her focused area of practice because she believes this allows her to stay in touch with various domains of law. She is an absolute dog lover and big time foodie.

  • BA LLB, National Law University, Vizag

Rishabh Mishra, Co-Founder

Rishabh is a third generation lawyer and was brought up in a family of lawyers, judges and government servants. Contrary to his upbringing, he decided not to pursue the long living legacy of his forefathers in criminal and civil litigation and instead wanted to build a career in corporate and business laws. He has experienced various domains of law practice while working with law firms, corporates, advocates and a LPO. He was also one of the first few members of a boutique law firm Sudheer & Associates, specializing in RERA and property matters. He has wide experience in handling advisory and litigation matters of real estate, corporate laws and compliances, commercial disputes involving arbitration matters, employment laws and data privacy. Rishabh has a clientele of MSMEs, start-ups, real estate giants and angel investors. Travelling his way through various organizations, he was exposed to contracts every now and then and realized the connectivity of contracts to different domains of law. This realization paved his way towards co-founding Kontract Genie. His vision for Kontract Genie is and we quote “to create a healthy workspace for its employees where a balance between work and life is met”. In his free time, he fuels his body and mind with exercise, good food and meditation.

  • Advocate, Telangana Bar Council
  • BA LLB, National Law University, Vizag