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Expertise In All Aspects Of MEDIA & Entertainment Contracts

With exponential growth of advertising, media and entertainment industry, the applicable laws, regulations and practices have also evolved drastically. Traditionally, this segment consisted of telecommunications industry, broadcasting, advertising, censorship and entertainment industry. Recently, with unprecedented internet usage, the social and digital media has grown with cosmic proportions. As a result, the simpler transactions have now become complex under the close scrutiny of government regulators. We, at Kontract Genie, understand these complexities and assist our clients in handling contracts in compliance with the dynamic laws around social media advertising and broadcasting, data privacy norms and more.

  • Advertising Agreement
  • Content Development Agreement
  • Co-Production Agreement
  • Event Management Agreement
  • Insertion Order
  • Marketing Agreement (Online or Offline)
  • PR Agreement
  • Publication Agreement
  • Social Media Consultant Agreement
  • Social Media Influencer Agreement
  • Sponsorship Agreement
  • Web Streaming Agreement
  • Other Agreements