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Expertise In All Aspects Of Agri Contracts

We understand the changing dynamics of policies, procedures, regulations, issues and practices around agribusiness and the impact it may have in day to day transactions. With the advent of technology in the agri sector, the complexities of agribusiness has outgrown itself which are often overlooked by the parties. Traditionally, the contracts involved in the agriculture business was sale of land, equipment and grain; loans and mortgages; land and equipment leases; and production contracts. Much recently, there has been a paradigm shift with the introduction of contract farming, growth in the seed industry and more.

  • Contract Farming Agreement
  • Crop Purchase Agreement
  • Equipment Purchase/Leasing Agreement
  • Horticulture Agreement
  • Input Purchase Agreement
  • Labour Agreements
  • Pisciculture/Fish Farming Agreement
  • Seed Processing Agreement
  • Storage and Warehousing Agreement
  • Tolling Agreement
  • Transportation Agreement
  • Other Agri Agreements